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About iSee2


We offer several series of quality products for specific applications for the automotive and signage market. Our signage films – Total Deco, Total Glass, Total Mark, and Total Tape can be used on several surfaces, interior, and exterior applications.
Our automotive films – Total Wrap & Total Protect can be used on any vehicle.

sales channels

Our customer base goes from small print shops (SME) to large company houses that distribute several brands. As iSee2 delivers to distributors/dealers, we do not sell to end-users. Although we offer support to end-users like sending out samples, brochures, product information, … If you are interested in buying our products and you are not a dealer, contact us and we will direct you to the nearest dealer.


We are active and ship to all EMEA countries: Europe, Middle-East, and Africa. Find out here if your country is included.


The founder of iSee2, Karel Blondé started as a sales agent in 1993 and grown to what we are today, a sales and logistics organization; The iC Group. This parent company is an independent sales and logistics organization representing manufacturers of self-adhesive products for the visual communication & automotive industry.


research & development

Our work starts by researching the market for products where there is a trend or demand. When the research leads us to a specific product, we will develop it and make sure they meet our standards, which consists of delivering quality products. That means that it must be produced with the necessary respect for humans, animals, and the environment. The quality department focuses on preventing defaults by following the correct procedure. All incoming goods are checked and approved before storing in our warehouse.


To support every product, we like to accessorize our product ranges with our Total Tools product offering, automotive and signage products. Besides that, we have a marketing department that will help you with any questions and specific demands. We offer to our customers: brochures, technical datasheets, product overviews, safety datasheets, and other information. You can find the standard automotive downloads or signage downloads on our website. Do not find what you are looking for? Contact us and we will try to provide you with the requested information.

customer service

We have a team that has the knowledge to offer the best solution, on the product- and service level. That is why we give our customers a contact person whom they can always rely on. For general information, customs, order processing, and other, we have dedicated customer service people who are prepared to help from Monday till Friday, 8.30 AM to 17.30 PM CET.

Custom solutions

By working closely with our suppliers and customers, we are continually improving the performance, characteristics, and design of our established products. Moreover, it allows us to introduce new product lines in accordance with specific standards. That is why iSee2 can offer tailor-made solutions for a variety of applications, giving our customers a competitive edge.

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Industrieweg Langevoorde
Groendreef 35
9880 Aalter | Belgium

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T +32 9 216 67 00
E info@isee2.eu


We are thankful for all the work and love you share. We hope our products can be of good use and we love to see pass along. #isee2 #isee2carwraps

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